I combine my clinical training as a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist (LMFT) with the knowledge I’ve gained competing as an elite, accomplished amateur golfer to help athletes of all sports perform better and enjoy their sport more.

I have competed in over 20 national championships in golf since I turned 40 years old in year 2000. I know what it feels like to perform under extreme competitive pressure. I have experienced satisfying victories and gut-wrenching disappointments. I’ve even quit the game “for good” three times in my golf career. But after turning fifty years old I developed a new way to mentally approach the game. The mindset I embrace is designed to overcome discouragement, motivate effort, build confidence and achieve success….and it works. I share these ideas, thoughts and processes with my clients as I help them along their journeys to see just how good they can get.

EMDR Memory Work for Athletes


Athletes that experience painful disappointments from competitions can often find themselves re-experiencing these memories years later in other competitions. I use a research proven technique of reprocessing memories that frees the athlete to perform their best. I also use memory reprocessing techniques to install future positive templates that build confidence, reduce performance anxiety, and improve focus as the athlete prepares for upcoming competitions.